Greenfield High School         Program

What is the A+ Program?

The A+ Schools Program was created in 1993 by state law as an incentive for improving Missouri’s high schools. The primary goal of the A+ Schools Program is to ensure that all students who graduate from Missouri high schools are well prepared to pursue advanced education and/or employment.

The A+ Schools Program is designed to accomplish the following imperative: “The A+ Schools Program will mobilize an intensive partnership among high schools, community colleges, students, teachers, parents, labor, businesses, and communities to give these students the motivation, skills, and knowledge to graduate from high school. It will create an innovative and well-designed path from high school to high skill, high wage jobs.”

(Excerpt from a speech on World Class Schools for June 5, 2008)

 The program provides incentives for local high schools to:

o    to increase student achievement

o    increase attendance and graduation rates

o    offer at-risk intervention

o    provide technology enhancement in the curriculum

o    promote rigorous coursework and preparation for success after graduation, and

o    offer career guidance and interaction with business partners in the community

  A+ Eligible students have the opportunity to take advantage of up to two years of tuition and general fees if they attend a Missouri eligible Vocational/Technical School or Community College.

 For further information or to enroll in the A+ Program contact Ms. Kelly Kramer, Greenfield A+ Coordinator, during school hours at 417-637-5323 ext. 315 or email


A+ Program Student Eligibility Requirements

All eligible students at Greenfield High School, regardless of income, who meet all of the criteria listed below, have the opportunity to receive funding for the unpaid balance of the cost of tuition and general fees, subject to legislative appropriation, for a period of 48 months after high school graduation, to any Missouri public community college, vocational or technical school after federal post-secondary financial assistance funds have been applied. This is contingent upon the student meeting ALL of the following requirements:

1.) Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

2.) Enter into a written agreement with Greenfield High School prior to graduation

3.) Attend Greenfield High School and/or another A+ designated high school for at least 3 consecutive years immediately prior to graduation

4.) Graduate from high school with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale

5.) Have at least a 95% average attendance record during high school for grades 9-12

6.) Perform 50 hours of unpaid school-based tutoring or mentoring for other students (a job shadowing component can be allowed which contributes up to 25% to the completion of the 50 hours of tutoring)

7.) Maintain a record of good citizenship and avoid unlawful use of drugs and/or alcohol while in grades 9-12 (see citizenship policy)

8.) Achieve a score of proficient or advanced on the Algebra I end-of-course exam or a higher level DESE approved end-of-course exam in the field of mathematics. Eligibility may also be established by achieving a qualifying score on the mathematics portion of the ACT in combination with a minimum G.P.A. (used with sliding scale)

9.) Secure all available federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds that do not require repayment (completion of FAFSA)

10.) Male students over the age of 18 are required to register for selective service

The A+ Scholarship may be available for a period of up to 48 months after high school graduation for qualifying student and covers the cost of tuition and general fees, until the receipt of an associate's degree or completion of 105% of the required hours for the student's program of study.

To maintain eligibility while attending a Missouri public community college or vocational/technical school, a student must be enrolled on a full-time basis and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or higher.