SAN ANTONIO — Frigid temperatures behind a cold front combined with moisture off the Gulf of Mexico have yielded a rare snowfall in many.

2017-11-01  · . snow flurries and ice rarely but do occur in central Texas and even south Texas. Want to get a glimpse of snow?. doesn’t snow, San Antonio.

Snow made a “rare” appearance in San Antonio and Southwest Texas on. as snow falls in San Antonio.. to get out and drive, then don’t.” San Antonio.

Average Annual Snowfall in Texas.. The numbers are for the total amount of snow and for how many days it snows at least 0.1 inches. san antonio: 0.7: 1.8: East.

Houston breaks record as it gets its earliest-ever snowfall. Claus stands in front of the Alamo as snow falls in downtown San Antonio on Dec.

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Does it snow in San Antonio, Tx? I’ll be traveling there between Christmas & New Year’s.? Follow . 6 answers 6.. No, unfortunately not. Every once in a while there are little flurries of snow but you can barely see them. In San Antonio, it doesn’t really snow here. Anonymous 1 decade ago . 2.

SAN ANTONIO – As parts of South Texas and the Hill Country danced in snow that fell early Thursday morning, many in San Antonio were left high, but not dry. The rain continued to fall throughout.

The Alamo is situated in downtown San Antonio. in Texas often increases curiosity, giving mom and dad more time to enjoy the tour. Many children envision battles of good vs. evil when hearing.

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In the last few years, San Antonio has. crawfish, snow crab legs and mussels. Guests choose their favorite fish and accompanying sides. “It comes in a plastic bag with a knot tied at the top, so.

It does NOT "normally" snow in San Antonio, but once in a great while, it does snow. Last big snow was in 1985.I think the official measurement was 13 inches. I was living there at the time, and the city basically shut down. My house had a really long driveway, and I had no way to shovel it out to go to work.