If any tax-free educational assistance for the qualified education expenses paid in 2017, or any refund of your qualified education expenses paid in 2017, is received after you file your 2017 income tax return, you must recapture (repay) any excess credit.

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I just did my taxes and the program I used did not have a box for #4 the Adjustments made for a prior year. It just asked about the qualified expenses paid. My payments or qualified expenses (boxes 1 & 2) are $0.00 and my adjustments are $812.00. I just want to make sure that I don’t have to pay anything back from the adjustments for last year?

The original credit minus the refigured credit is the amount that has to be recaptured. The recaptured amount is added to tax in the year the tuition refund was received. The recapture tax is included in Line 44 of Form 1040.(The recapture amount and "ECR" is entered in the space next to line 44.) The original return from the prior year does not change. If the taxpayer took the tuition and fees deduction, you have to refigure the deduction as if taxpayer had received the refund of tuition in.

Your Texas Benefits Forms Each month you fill a prescription, your Medicare Prescription drug plan mails you an "Explanation of Benefits" (EOB). This notice gives you a summary of your prescription drug claims and costs. When should I get it? Monthly. Who sends it? Your plan. What should I do if I get this notice? Review your notice and check it for mistakes.

Lifetime Learning Credit. The amount of your credit for 2017 is gradually reduced (phased out) if your MAGI is between $56,000 and $66,000 ($112,000 and $132,000 if you file a joint return). You cannot claim a credit if your MAGI is $66,000 or more ($132,000 or more if you file a joint return).

 · You get a tax credit for Alternative minimum tax paid in a prior year. The catch? You only get a credit for tax paid on deferral items, such as depreciation or.

Benefits & Tax Advantages. With VHEIP, saving for college is easy (only $25 is needed to open an account!) and the plan offers tax advantages, especially for Vermont taxpayers. As Vermont’s official 529 college savings plan, VHEIP is the only 529 college savings plan that qualifies for the 10% Vermont state income tax credit on annual contributions or gifts.

The credit is not allowed for a student who has completed the first four years of post-secondary education as of the beginning of the year. So, if your child completed less than four years of college as of January 1, 2017, you can claim the credit on your 2017 return.